Why The Financial District Might Be a Perfect Fit For You

by NYCIntern

If you’re interning in the Financial District, living minutes away from your company is perfect for obvious reasons. But if you have an internship in Midtown, calling the FiDi home can still be super convenient and exciting.

1. All of the express Subway lines converge in the Financial District

Instead of transferring to three different trains or walking across Manhattan to get to the train you need, every express Subway line will be at your doorstep. NYC is at your fingertips!


Red, Blue: West Side (Meatpacking, Chelsea, Times Square)
Green: East Side (Union Square, Grand Central, Madison Ave)
Yellow: Middle of Manhattan (SoHo, Washington Sq. Park, Herald Square, Rockefeller)
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown: Brooklyn (DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Park)

2. The commute is shorter than you think

The NYC subway is easy to use, and you don’t have to drive. Since all of the express lines come to the Financial District, the commute uptown flies by. It’s just enough time to take a few deep breaths before diving into the workday or maybe even read a book.

Commute to Times Square: 23 minutes

Commute to Herald Square: 22 minutes

Commute to Rockefeller Plaza: 30 minutes

Commute to Grand Central: 20 minutes

Commute to Union Square : 17 minutes

Want to know exactly how long it’ll take you? Use the NYCSubway app or Google maps to get directions and commute lengths.

Google: 26 minutes

JP Morgan: 19 minutes

Kleinfeld: 24 minutes

NBC: 30 minutes

3. The FiDi is quiet, safe, and homey

The Financial District is one of New York City’s safest neighborhoods–as someone told me when I first arrived here, it’s where people keep their money so they have to keep it safe. 

Besides that, unlike busier neighborhoods in Union Square, Midtown, etc., the FiDi becomes pretty quiet after the workday is over. Areas near NYCIntern housing become more homey as New Yorkers head to bars, restaurants, and entertainment a short walk or subway ride away.

Plus, the only tourists are usually crowded around the Stock Exchange and Federal Hall, areas that are pretty easy to avoid. You can enjoy your neighborhood, and weekends, without fighting crowds.

4. Right on the water views

The Financial District is right on the tip of Manhattan, which means incredible views of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty on one side, and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges on the other side.

No matter the building, Battery Park is only a short walk away. There you can board the Staten Island Ferry and walk along the river on warm summer days, plus soak in the sunshine after pushing your way through crowds all day in Midtown.

Living at the tip of Manhattan brings the benefit of an easy commute (to wherever you want to go), a quiet and safe home base, and incredible views. You won’t regret choosing the FiDi as your NYC neighborhood.