Who we are

NYCIntern is a program of The King’s College, a liberal arts college located in Manhattan’s Financial District. Housing is provided by The King’s College Residence Life and is available to both interns and full-time students in New York City.

What we do

We provide housing for students and interns who come to NYC for 3-5 month internships. Our terms are conveniently split into fall, spring and summer terms.

Our Locations

Our Process



Our application takes the intimidation out of applying for housing…



We’ve narrowed our process to 5 simple steps.

  1. Contact us via email or phone call to inquire about our availability and we’ll let you know what is available based on our availability and best fits your needs.
  2. Apply through our online application and submit your application at the end of the application so that we can finish processing your application by conducting a routine background check.
  3. Within 1-3 days, you should receive an email from us whether your application was approved. If so, you would be invited to submit a security deposit, which secures your placement.*
  4. Submit your deposit (Summer: 50% of the total term fee, Fall/Spring: $1,000 minimum) via our resources page then submitting a payment.
  5. Within 1-5 days, you should receive confirmation that your spot has in fact been reserved. Once we all your payments are complete you will be sent your placement.


So that’s it! You’re in! Here are the next steps to move in:

  1. Before your move-in date, you will be emailed your address and instructed to submit a check in appointment form as soon as you can. Payments must be complete in order to receive placement.
  2. On your move-in day, you will be texted from the number on your application slightly before your move in slot from a representative. You will be handed your keys and shown to your room!


We’ve also made moving out easy!

  1. At least a week in advance, fill out a check out appointment form on our resources page (same form as the check-in except chose check-in).
  2. You then should be contacted by our housing department concerning when your check out time is.


*(Note: Your placement/room style is not guaranteed until we receive your full security deposit. The application is not applicable to the security deposit)