Finding Summer Housing in NYC


Finding out you’ve been offered a summer internship in NYC, the greatest city in the world, can be extremely exciting! You tell your friends, family, and co-workers who are so hyped for you! You think about all the things you’ll want to do and make a list. You search online where you’ll be interning and wonder if you’ll see any famous people or what your commute will be like. Then it hits you…


Where will you live for those 3 months?


You can’t sign an apartment lease for 3 months, no landlord would seriously take that offer! Plus it’s so expensive unless you have roommates, but where would you find these roommates (what if they turn out to be criminals)? Surely you can’t book a hotel for 3 straight months, YOU WOULD GO CRAZY (also crazy expensive). Airbnb? Who wants to live like a tramp for that long?


Let’s just say; we hear you and are here for you. Luckily for you, we here at NYCIntern have come to meet this need among young professionals such as yourself. We provide housing for students and interns who come to NYC for 3-5 month internships. Our terms are conveniently split into fall, spring and summer terms. In addition, our rates are affordable and all of our apartments come furnished with beds, desks, drawers, and chairs.


Each location is provided with 24 hour security and is within a minutes walk to a variety of subway stations. And unlike most student housing we provide private bathrooms and kitchens!Also, many student housing companies require guarantors. Instead of scrambling to find a guarantor, we have security deposits.


As for roommates, we have a designated section for you to tell us about yourself and your living habits. We then survey all your potential roommates and match you with roomies that would work well with you during your stay. Also, if you’re interning in the city with a friend you can request rooming together.



Contact us for more details!


West Street

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys fairly quiet neighborhoods and staying within close proximity to nature, our West Street location might be perfect for you! Located directly across from historic Battery Park and the New York Harbor, West is at the epicenter of Downtown Manhattan. Fashioned after a 14th century palace, West features an impressive Venetian-styled lobby, waterfront esplanade, and remarkable views of New York Harbor and Battery Park. Featuring oversized windows, a roof sundeck, and a fully functioning gym, this makes for an exceptional summer housing option.

Greenwich Street

For the person that cherishes each moment of solitude in their apartment, try our Greenwich location. Located in the midst of the Financial District, Greenwich shows the best that student apartments can offer. Close to three subway lines, this location features double and single studios with cozy brick pre-war vibes. The building features 24-hour doorman security and laundry in-building. With 15 plus restaurants and multiple drug stores so close, everything you could ask for is within walking distance. Greenwich could be the perfect summer home for you! Each unit includes basic amenities along with a private bathroom and Kitchenette.

Washington Street

For those that enjoy living in the midst of city action minus the crowds and tourists, we would recommend checking out our Washington location. Located in the heart of Downtown Manhattan, Washington combines metropolitan renown for art and culture with that of refined luxury and convenience. With incomparable panoramic views, state-of-the-art appliances and 24-hour concierge service being just some of its many amenities, Washington affords you the absolute finest Downtown real estate has to offer.

Albee Square

For the intern that thrives in an upbeat environment, we recommend the Albee Square location. This location has 24-hour doorman security, a package room, and a gym. Need a place to study or hang with friends? Visit the in-building lounge featuring an outdoor terrace, game room, and business center. Plus, Albee Square has a rooftop with incredible views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan.