Living as an NYCIntern: What to Expect

by Haley Davidson

The end of May is fast approaching, and interns from all over the world are getting ready to be New Yorkers for the summer.

You may be dreaming of living like Monica, Chandler, and the gang on Friends. With NYCIntern, you’ll live in a true New York City apartment, in the same room, floor, or building as your friends.

On the other hand, some aspects of the show—like Monica’s grandmother’s spacious apartment and the gang’s ability to get a seat in their favorite coffee shop—are not so accurate.

What to Expect from Your NYCIntern Apartment

With NYCIntern you won’t have to end up in this tiny 100 sq. ft. apartment or the cramped dorm room you’re probably used to.

On the other hand, you also won’t get your own bedroom in New York City. The average cost for a one bedroom in the West Village is about $6,000, for example, so you’ll probably be wanting those roommates.

You can get the best of both worlds by living with 1 to 3 roommates in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. This means your living and sleeping space will be shared and that your apartment will be fully equipped with a kitchen and private bathroom. You’ll get to enjoy cooking and eating meals with friends in your very own place.

In a studio, the space will be open. Each roommate will have a bed and a desk so you will very clearly have your own space. Hanging up photos from home, paintings, posters, or whatever you want will make your area feel a little more homey. And bringing plenty of pillows for your bed will make it feel cozy as well.

In a one-bedroom layout, all the beds will be in the bedroom. You’ll share one bedroom with several people. While it might sound crazy, you’ll easily be able to keep that room for sleeping and spend the majority of your time in the living space. And you might even find you like it! 

The truth is, New York City apartments are just small, and to be affordable, are often shared with even more roommates than you’ll have. But remember the reality: New York City is your oyster, and with your incredible internship and a huge, diverse city at your fingertips, you’ll be spending plenty of time out and about.

The Best Hangout Spots in Your Neighborhood

Manhattan and Brooklyn are full of coffeeshops and cafes with wifi and great drinks, though it might take a little searching to find that prime spot and schedule for scoring a seat. Here are places to try first when you need to relax, study, or just hang out.

NYCIntern Apartment Lounges

ALL NYCIntern apartments have community lounge space outside of individual apartments. These lounges include wifi, space to relax, and a few have TVs. West St.’s is an outdoor lounge, and buildings also include rooftop access so you can soak in the summer sun.

Gregory’s Coffee

Brooklyn Heights: 16 Court St, Brooklyn, NY

FiDi: 42 Broadway, New York, NY

FiDi: 80 Broad St, New York, NY


FiDi: 55 Broad St, New York, NY

FiDi: 1 Battery Pl, New York, NY

FiDi: 14 Wall St, New York, NY

Brooklyn Heights: 134 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Heights: 50 Court St, Brooklyn, NY

Ground Central

FiDi: 2 Coenties Slip, New York, NY


FiDi: 66 Pearl St, New York, NY


Brooklyn Heights: 72 Clark St, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn Heights: 71 Pineapple St, Brooklyn, NY

What to Bring to Your NYCIntern Apartment

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to get excited to move in. You should definitely plan to bring fun decorations and bedding to make your place feel like home.

You can find a detailed list of what you need to bring here

Best of luck as you start out your New York City adventure.