Best Spots in Downtown Brooklyn

by Lexi Smith

Downtown Brooklyn is the neighborhood in which our Albee Square building is located. This area is full of great eats, beautiful views, and places to explore. We are here to give you a list of some of our personal favorites as well as the most popular spots to be.

Grace Court

Grace Court is kind of exactly what it sounds like…graceful. This is a little nook located in Brooklyn Heights, that looks like its out of a movie. I mean, Brooklyn Heights itself looks like it’s straight out of a movie… and well, it is. There are many movies shot in this neighborhood because of the beautiful brownstone apartments and cobblestone streets. In the summertime the greenery and flowers make this neighborhood even more magical and you will find yourself wanting nothing more but to live there.


Brooklyn Roasting Company

This New York coffee shop has several locations in Brooklyn but the Dumbo location is a personal favorite for many Brooklyn residents. They have a very large open space which makes room for a lot of areas to sit down for a couple hours and work your heart out. They also have an abundant amount of coffee flavors that you can choose to take home and make on your own.



You may know of the famous Juniors restaurant in Midtown because of its convenient tourist location. However, the Juniors in Downtown Brooklyn is the original location of the popular New York restaurant. They are famous for their NY style cheesecake, which is absolutely delicious may I add, but they do have a full menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is definitely a fun place to go late night with friends or take your family to when they visit. Regardless, Juniors is a go to for Brooklyn residents in this area.


Fort Greene

Only a couple blocks from Juniors there is Fort Greene park which offers an uncrowded area to just relax or take a walk. You will find New Yorker’s getting in their daily run, or having a picnic on a beautiful Saturday while walking through this park. This is a great option when you feel like you want to spend a day outside in a park but don’t really feel like making the trip to Central Park.


New York Transit Museum

Other than the Brooklyn Museum, this is by far the best museum in Brooklyn. For one, it is completely free, and you can see the history of New York transit system. In addition, there are many great photo ops that come out of this museum as well as a whole new education on a very important part of New York City.



If you haven’t heard about Dumbo yet, you definitely will at some point while living in or visiting NYC. Again, some great photo ops come out of this neighborhood. Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The significance of this you may ask? Well it’s literally directly under the Manhattan Bridge which also means it is right by the water. While spending time in Dumbo you will find Jane’s Carousel which is famous and appears in many movies. You will also have great views of the lower Manhattan and the skyline. There are grassy areas to sit and have a picnic as well as the Brooklyn Flea Market where you can shop around for Brooklyn exclusives.



Similar to Dumbo, the Promenade and Brooklyn Piers are directly on the other side of Brooklyn however this is under the Brooklyn Bridge. You can hop over to Brooklyn Bridge park for a lay in the sun or you can hop over to the piers to play a game of volleyball on the sand courts. No matter where you are on the Promenade or the Piers you will still have a beautiful view of the lower Manhattan skyline.


Ample Hills

Lastly, while you are at the piers, stop at the Ample Hills Creamery store. You will find creative flavors which are homemade in-house. This is definitely a place to stop by if you are in the area on a warm day to cool off. Even at night, you can sit and watch the sparkling lights of Manhattan with ice cream in hand.
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