Apps for Easier NYC Living

by Mia Chiba


New York City is truly a culture of its own. It hosts people, food, and an atmosphere that are unique in and of themselves. Visiting for the weekend can be a thrilling experience. But, living in such a demanding (and still magical) city for an extended period is a completely different experience. Luckily there are some apps out there that can help out with some of the most basic city issues. 



1. Transportation:


If you have yet to navigated the MTA transit system, you are in for a treat! Trying to single-handedly figure out the number of different lines, whether its uptown or downtown, local or express, all at once, can be nauseating, but fear not! Here are some apps to get you to your destination stress free:


Google Maps / iMaps:


You would be surprised how many tourists fail to utilize these apps. Instead they’re content scanning the framed maps a dozen times, memorizing their route. But why do that when you could have your route on your phone? The only caveat is that you have to pay attention on the weekends, when some trains change routes. How it works is just map your destination like normal and switch your method of travel to transit, then it should give you a few options via the subway; simple.




If you appreciate aesthetically pleasing apps that give you directions in a fun, easy to read format, this app is the one for you. With the colorful icons, it’s a cool way to route your commute. IMaps generally works well, but it isn’t always the best in updating which lines are under construction. CityMapper on the other hand, tends to be better in factoring construction and delays.


Exit Strategy:


Crazy thought; what if there was a way where you could figure out which subway car you should get on so you would be as close as possible to your exit? Well, there’s an app that’s already figured that out for you! Input your route and it calculates the best strategy to get you as close to your exit all based on your final destination. While its rated 2.8 out of 5, we’ll let you be the judge on its usefulness.



2. Task Managing


If you’re someone who absolutely needs to write every event or get together in your google calendar, then you might enjoy this app. With all the color coding possibilities, why would you just settle on google calendars and a planner?   




This app does wonders in terms of organizing anything you may need to keep track of. One of the great features is the visual track record that shows you how you’ve been progressing. It also connects to other outlets, such as your Google Calendars, Dropbox and Amazon Alexa.



3. Food:


It’s a Saturday morning and you really want that bagel from that one shop down the corner. From the comfort of your bed, you try summoning your regular order with your telekinesis, to no avail. There’s an easier way to get your food, delivery (duh). When first moving to the city, you may be cautious to order that sandwich from that one shop via delivery. However, there are food delivery apps that even locals use. The only trick is that you need to know if the app factors tips into the order payment. Here are our suggestions:




From Chinese to sandwiches to bagels, this app delivers it all. How it works is thousands of restaurants within a certain radius register to deliver food straight to you from their kitchens. This is probably NYC’s personal favorite food delivery app. Certain food providers can even pick up your groceries!


Also see:

-Uber Eats




4. Activities:


When in NYC you know your day is pretty much over if you come straight home after work. The worst thing you could do during your time in NYC is nothing. There are so many great opportunities in the city that being bored is something you have to actively seek. You may already be familiar with some of these outlets from our previous newsletters.


Time Out New York


You may already be familiar with this site if you’ve clicked on any of our featured things to do. You can filter activities based on price, time location and even category. They also post weekly updates on the best things to do on weekends.




This application allows you to browse, chose, sign up and purchase tickets to virtually any and all kinds of festivities happening in the city. Also, the more you use it the more they suggest other events you might enjoy. From food festivals to jazz concerts, you’ll be able to plan your perfect weekend.



5. Volunteering:  


If you’re one who would love to make a positive impact in the city but refuse to sign up from anywhere else but the comfort of your sofa, check out this app called DEED. By setting your prefered time of day to volunteer, it lets you choose different volunteer opportunities tailored specifically for you.


With these apps, you’ll be one step closer to being a local. They may not be the magic solution to getting your life together, however, they can certainly make city life easier. NYC isn’t called the concrete jungle without reason. It’s a culture of it’s own and requires time to get accustomed to, but life here is never boring, we can promise that.


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