8 Reasons Why Living in the Financial District is Awesome for Interns

by NYCIntern

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Each summer, students descend onto Wall Street for the nations’ most prestigious internships. From the moment they get off the subway at Fulton Street, they join the rushing crowd into banks, brokers, securities law firms in the Financial District.

A bustling financial hub by day, the Financial District was previously a ghost town outside of business hours. However, things have changed and now the neighborhood, known as FiDi, is drawing in residents at an exponential rate.

Let’s take a look at why this charming neighborhood is a perfect fit for interns:

1. Upgrade the pad

Getting an internship is your first step into the real world. That first paycheck makes sure you are financially sound to hold the keys to your own apartment.

FiDi is the prime location for young professionals ready to make their way in the world. New constructions in recent years have added many modern housing options at affordable prices in FiDi—perfect for interns looking to upgrade from student dorms. Residents do not experience the crowded spaces and shared amenities commonly found in Manhattan; instead, they are now privy to fully furnished apartments with rooftop deck and full kitchen.

2. Kick the commute

It is well documented that interns making headway on Wall Street work extended hours, both nights and weekends. Many choose to live in right in FiDi to enjoy the luxury of walking to work, free from the hassle of overcrowded trains, near-daily delays, and fare increases. Think about all the things you can get done because you don’t spend an hour commuting. In NYC, time is money, and by having a long commute, you are losing money.

3. Live like a professional

FiDi is full of stylishly furnished apartments. Unlike the surrounding neighborhoods that have a majority of converted lofts directed towards an artistic approach, FiDi offers its residents luxury and class. The apartments are primarily designed with open floor concepts, offering plenty of natural light and giving them the modern and sleek appeal that NYC is known for. Interns moving to the district will be excited to get started on their next phase of living.

4. Enjoy sophisticated cuisine

Beyond quick lunch stops, FiDi boasts an eclectic and mouthwatering restaurant selection for its residents to enjoy. After work, young professionals fill the trendy restaurants and bars of South Street Seaport. Thanks to its burgeoning nightlife, FiDi is also home to an array of restaurants owned by world-renowned chefs, including Keith McNally, Tom Colicchio, and Wolfgang Puck. Whether you are looking for a quick bite with happy hour or that perfect hot-spot for date night, FiDi has the options for you.

5. Soak up the arts

From the outside, FiDi is crowded with high-rises that have strictly professional architecture, leaving many to believe that they must travel to the East Side to find the arts and culture that NYC promises.

However, since 9/11, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) has been dedicated to improving the arts and culture in the community. The neighborhood is now home to the 9/11 memorial, as well as a number of new parks and public art installations. FiDi now enjoys a lively atmosphere of art shows, exotic dining, and late-night musical performances.

6. Make new friends

They say that you are the average of the five people you spend your time with – so, ensure that you surround yourself with people who have similar interests and career prospects. By getting connected in FiDi you are providing yourself additional prospects for your future.

7. Upgrade your wardrobe

When you look good, you feel good. Confidence is a key driver to career growth. Ready to box up your school sweater and get a new wardrobe of office-appropriate outfits? Look no further than FiDi.

From world-class department stores to indie designer stores, FiDi is full of shopping gems waiting to be discovered. Oculus, a futuristic mall opened in 2016, brings more than 100 retail stores to FiDi, ranging from the Apple Store to Banana Republic and from Eataly to Fossil. All the latest trends and styles to keep you looking sharp are right at your doorstep when you live and work in FiDi.

8. Get a life

When the weekend comes and FiDi is stripped of its suits, it quiets down. It’s time to relax and catch a break. Start your day with a refreshing al fresco brunch on the Stone Street. Spend you afternoon taking a hands-on pizza making class or exploring migrating birds at The Battery Park. The South Street Seaport is the hub for a growing number of concerts, activities, and festivals. And the best part? Most of them are free!

The Financial District goes far beyond the strict professional reputation it had years prior – it now provides residents the opportunities to experience NYC as the rest of New Yorkers do. With an exuberant amount of culture, food, art, and style, this district is perfect for interns starting their professions in the area.



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