5 Tips for Finishing Your Internship With Excellence

by Haley Davidson

You’ve spent 10 weeks in New York City at a killer internship, and you’re probably feeling pretty accomplished. Whether you think you’ve found your dream job or you never want to go near this industry again, make sure you end your internship on a high note with these five tips.  

1. Don’t get lazy


The end is near, and you’re probably tired from a long summer. Whether you’ve finally become comfortable with your coworkers and supervisor or you’re ready to throw in the towel after an exhausting internship,don’t waste all of the effort you’ve put in at your office these past two months.  

Keep your energy up and keep asking questions. Finish your projects and offer to help others when you see an opportunity. Respond to emails promptly and do your tasks with enthusiasm and timeliness that those around you won’t forget.

At the end of the internship draws near, also reach out to your supervisor. Ask for feedback on your performance and give them an idea of what your future plans are. Your supervisor has been through their own career journey, so they could have insightful advice for you.

If you’ve brushed shoulders with other higher-ups in the company, email those individuals and ask if you can stop by their office for even 15 minutes to say thank you and ask for career advice. Your humility and willingness to take advice and feedback won’t be forgotten. 

2. Connect with coworkers and supervisors on LinkedIn


Professional connections are the key to getting future jobs and internships, so make sure you take advantage of LinkedIn. Your friend from human resources might know someone who could help you get a job with your dream employer, or your desk buddy could one day intern for the very company you’re pursuing.

Before you add anyone, though, make sure your profile is polished. Update your headshot and make sure you have a great description of your current job on your profile. After you’ve done that, reach out and add everyone from your fellow interns to coworkers you bumped into in the break room.

3. Update your resume


The best time to update your resume is when the details of your job are fresh on your mind. If you’re not sure how to describe all you completed this summer, reach out to your supervisor for tips. They’ll be able to help you clearly describe your projects and role in the company. They might also be willing to write you a general recommendation you can use for future jobs if you ask.

4. Say thank you


Spend the last few days of your internship saying thank you to fellow interns, your supervisor, and coworkers. Bring a baked good to the office on your last day–and if you can’t bake, think of something thoughtful that can be shared with the whole office, even if it’s as simple as a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts.

Finally, leave a great impression by sending a handwritten, thoughtful thank you card soon after your last day.

5. Stay in touch and reflect on your internship


Keep the friends you made at your internship in mind as you go forward. If something you learn in your marketing class makes you think of a project you enjoyed this summer, send a short email to your supervisor with the thought. Keep up with the company’s new initiatives and congratulate coworkers who are promoted.

Most importantly, reflect on all you’ve learned over the past few weeks. Internships should provide clarity on what you want to do in your future. To take full of advantage of that, spend a few hours journaling or discussing your experience with a friend.

Think about what you loved, found interesting, or really disliked about your job. Ask yourself what is most important to you: the office environment, the people you work with, or the actual work you’re doing? Did you like the pressure that comes with being in New York City, or do you want a more relaxed career path? Even if you absolutely hated or absolutely loved your internship, you can still pull nuanced lessons from your summer experience.

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